Winch Lubrication and its Importance


Friction, lubrication theory and lubrication technology are the basic work in winch research. The study of elastic fluid dynamic pressure lubrication theory, the popularization of synthetic lubricating oil and the proper addition of extreme pressure additives in oil can not only improve the bearing capacity, but also improve the work efficiency.


1. The gear reducer is lubricated with winter gear oil or saturated cylinder oil, and the oil surface should ensure that the worm is fully immersed in oil. The reducer is used once a year to change the oil.

2. The bearing of the main shaft and the bearing of the output shaft end of the reducer should be replaced or supplemented regularly with no.4 calcium base grease, and the oil should be changed once every two years.

3. Lubricating oil should be added to the open gear before starting each time.

4. The rest of the lubrication parts should be lubricated before each start, especially the thrust ring between the two gears on the output shaft of the reducer and the shaft sleeve of the active gear should be filled with lubricating oil.

Winch Lubrication and its Importance


For winch, correct and timely lubrication is very important, because the relative sliding surface under pressure, if in a state of dry friction, a very short time will be damaged. Good lubrication can absorb the impact and vibration of gear transmission, reduce the noise of gear; Prevent tooth surface gluing and abrasion; Reduce tooth surface wear; Relative to improve the tooth surface bearing capacity and other important role. And in the user of winch, many do not understand the important role of lubrication, failed to pay enough attention to the lubrication of winch, winch lubrication oil casually, do not meet the requirements of use. In the field of handling winch failure, there are many accidents caused by poor lubrication.