Crane Drum Group


1. The drum is the main part of the crane.

Crane drum The system includes a drum, connecting disc and bearing bracket. It can be divided into two types: long spindle drum and short spindle drum. There are two types of long shaft drum sets: gear connecting disc sets and drum sets with large gears, and this structure form is currently used more. The short shaft electric drum group is a new structure. The drum is rigidly connected with the output shaft of the reducer by a flange. The base of the reducer is connected with the trolley frame by steel balls or cylindrical pins.

2. Process flow of drum group

Q235B or Q345B sheet → Roll roll and weld longitudinal welds → inspect the longitudinal welds and geometric dimensions (diameter, length, ellipticity tolerance of inner diameter, etc.) of the drum, for large diameter rollers according to the process specification welding process stretching → machining the drum ring groove, the process requires roughing the drum outer circle to process its outer circle → drum length welding (i.e., ring seam welding).

For the two ends of the cylinder block, welding and tension reinforcement should be added according to the process regulations, and check the welding quality of the ring seam and processing allowance → the fixed length processing of the cylinder block and the stop or groove processing of the two ends → the welding of the cylinder end flange plate, shaft, inner support ring, etc.

Crane Drum Group

3. According to the structure of the drum classification

Drum group with gear connecting disc: one end of the drum is connected to one end of the gear exit shaft of the reducer through a connecting disc with internal teeth, and the drum group has a ball or drum shaped roller connecting disc.

Rolling group with rigid connection flange: This rolling group adopts a rigid connection between the flange and the cylindrical shaft of the reducer, and the base of the reducer is hinged with the frame through a steel ball or cylindrical pin. In order to eliminate the adverse effect of the deformation of the rigid combination of drum group and rack on the load. In addition to the fixed shaft type, the other end of the drum also uses a short shaft.

Drum group According to the number of layers of wire rope winding, drum group can be divided into single-layer winding drum and multi-layer winding drum two kinds.

Single-layer winding drum is commonly used in bridge crane. Cutting a rope groove on the surface of the single-layer winding drum can increase the contact area between the wire rope and the drum, can make the wire rope arranged neatly, and can reduce the friction between the adjacent wire rope and improve the life of the wire rope. The length of the drum is limited by the occasion.

The role of the drum group in the crane

The main function of the crane drum group is to wind the wire rope, is the power channel between the prime mover and the wire rope, and can convert the rotating motion of the prime mover into a linear motion.

Now the planetary reducer is also installed in the crane drum group.

Crane drum group is one of the important parts of crane. During operation, it should be noted that if the lifting height of the crane is high, in order to reduce the size of the drum, we can make a layer of skin on the outside of the drum for multi-layer winding. The surface of this skin has a guide LEBUS groove. This rope channel can solve various problems in the multi-layer winding of the steel wire rope, realize the multi-layer winding of the steel wire rope without chaos, which greatly saves the production. It saves time.