• 500 KN Grooved Drum Electric Rope Winch steel for Construction
  • 500 KN Grooved Drum Electric Rope Winch steel for Construction

500 KN Grooved Drum Electric Rope Winch steel for Construction

NameCustomized LBS Grooved Drums Electric Rope Winch for Construction
Other Name:Mine Winch/Oil Drilling Winch
Hoist Speed0.95-1.27m/s
Rotate Speed720-960 r/Min
Rope Diameter3-30mm
Sling TypeWire
Direction RotationLeft or Right
ParameterCan be Designed
ApplicationMining,Oil Drilling,or Coal Mine
Drum Diameter900mm
Drum Width600mm

Types of Winch

The application range of winch is very wide. In order to adapt to different use conditions, the winch can be manufactured into various products of different models. There are many classification methods for models, which are generally classified according to the following methods.

1. According to the maximum tension wire rope can withstand on the reference layer to distinguish, divided into 5,7.5, 10,12.5, 16,20,25,32,50,80,120,160,220,320,500 KN altogether 15 grades. This parameter is the main parameter of winch.

2. Wire rope on the reference layer of the rope speed is another major parameter of the hoist, according to the speed of the wire rope is divided into:

1) Slow winch: rope speed V, 9-15m,min;

2) Medium speed hoist: rope speed V, 15-30m. Min

3) Fast winch: rope speed V, 30-45m,min

4) High-speed winch: rope speed V, 45m,min

In order to meet special requirements, there is a variable speed winch, its speed can be adjusted, there are several types of double speed, three speed and multi speed.

3. According to the number of drum

The number of drums on a winch directly affects the structure of the winch. Winch can be divided into single drum winch, double drum winch and multi drum winch three types according to the number of drums.

4. According to the power source points

Because the working environment is different, the power source used is also different.

1) Manual winch, for small winch without power source.

2) Electric winch, most winches belong to this category.

3) Internal combustion engine winch, used in places without power supply.

4) Pneumatic winch, used in places where power cannot be used.

5) Hydraulic winch, used for supporting the use of other equipment and hydraulic source occasions.

Working Principle of Electric Winch

The electric winch converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through the motor, that is, the rotor of the motor outputs rotation and drives the drum to rotate after the triangle belt, shaft and gear deceleration.

The electric winch uses an electric motor as the power, drives the drum through an elastic coupling, a three-stage enclosed gear reducer, and uses an electromagnetic system.

Applied Range

Widely used in offshore platforms, petroleum machinery, water conservancy machinery, port machinery, large engineering machinery lifting equipment.

500 KN Grooved Drum Electric Rope Winch steel for Construction

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