• Double Drum Crane Winch Drum with LBS Rope Grooves
  • Double Drum Crane Winch Drum with LBS Rope Grooves
  • Double Drum Crane Winch Drum with LBS Rope Grooves

Double Drum Crane Winch Drum with LBS Rope Grooves

LBS Grooved Winch Reels - High Performance winch reels - Grooved, our LBS grooved winch reels provide the highest performance solution to multi-layer winding problems for 1-30 tons of rope capacity, grooved pitch 1-150mm, and drum length 100-5000mm. Special rope groove design, surface treatment polishing, painting and galvanizing, which is perfect for the most demanding job requirements. With a LBS geared winch drum, you can be confident that your winch drum will perform under the most extreme conditions. It is designed to provide robust and reliable performance and superior operational efficiency. The design of the LBS trough winch drum greatly saves wire costs and improves work efficiency, and our team of experienced technicians are always on hand to provide expert support and guidance. If you are looking for a reliable winch drum slotting, the LBS slotted winch drum is the ideal solution. It is rugged, reliable, and offers superior performance for any application. Whether you are looking for a winch drum slotting system that can withstand extreme conditions, or you need a robust and reliable solution for all your winch needs, the LBS slotting drum is the perfect choice.

Product Details

Product nameLBS rope grooved double winch drum
Drum QuantityDouble
Drum DesignLBS Groove
MaterialCarbon Stainless
Size2500mm length
Application Rangeoffshore
Power SourceElectric and hydraulic
Rope Capacity300M


Product Name: Double Winch Drum

Rope diameter: 3mm-80mm

Slot direction: Left Or Right

Customize or not: Can Be Customized

Category: Winch Parts

Use: Winding Wire Rope

LBS system: Can be applied for winding wire rope

Grooved cylinders: Grooving the rope into the drum

Wound wire rope: Winding wire rope with the winch drum

Product Application

The LBS GROOVED Rope Winch Drum can be used for multiple purposes such as winding rope, winch drum, and winch parts. It can also be used as a hoist or winch for lifting heavy objects. Its high quality material ensures that it is durable and long-lasting, The design of the LBS rope groove ensures that the rope is wrapped in multiple layers without confusion during the winding process, which increases the service life of the rope, greatly improves the efficiency and saves the cost,making it a perfect choice for any project.

Necessary parameters for production

1. Drum diameter:

2. Width between flanges:

3. Rope or cable diameter:

4. Length of rope or cable to be accommodated:

5. Direction of wire rope entry:

6. Outside diameter of flanges:

7. Type of rope entry through flange or Through barrel:

8. Material and requirements of the drum

9. A detailed drawing of the drum if possible:

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